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hpwriterschoice's Journal

HP Writer's Choice--Our Own Favorite Stories
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hpwriterschoice is a new HP rec community where fanfic authors recommend their OWN stories to readers. Authors recommend one story in response to each posted theme and discuss their writing process, giving readers a chance to find out more about their favorite fanfic writers and their stories.

hpwriterschoice is a moderated community. Authors who have written five published HP stories that show evidence of a good beta or careful editing are invited to apply for membership. Readers are invited to watch us, comment on the recs, and join in the discussions. If you are here for the recs, we hope you discover something new!

The theme for August/September posting is...

Favorite Fics (2006)

To kick off our inaugural theme, we invite authors to post one entry recommending and discussing their ONE favorite fic they have written to date. We know that favorites change as authors continue to grow and produce new stories, so this will be an annual theme. Don't worry, you won't be held to the fic you choose for all eternity!

Some questions you might consider discussing for readers include:

  • What about this particular story makes it your favorite?
  • What was the inspiration for this story?
  • Did you do something different in this fic that you had not tried before?
  • What was the writing process like for you?
  • Do you have a favorite line, image, or scene from this story?
  • What was the reader response like when you posted it?
  • Anything else you would like to share with the readers of your story.

  • Please use this header for your post:
  • Title: Please include a link to your story
  • Responding to Theme:
  • Pairing OR Main Character:
  • Length: drabble/ficlet, one-shot, novella, novel length -- please include if WIP or complete
  • Rating: Please use age-appropriate ratings
  • Warnings: Authors must warn for underage (chan), non/dub con, & incest. Please use discretion for other warnings.
  • Very Brief Summary:
  • A few teaser sentences of your discussion...
  • Please place the rest of discussion behind an LJ cut.

  • Posting for this theme begins August 1st and ends September 20th.

    New Theme Coming Soon

    Some Helpful Stuff:
  • Authors, go here for a sample entry.
  • Instructions for creating an LJ cut found here.
  • Mods are happy to tag, or authors may if they like. Read more about Lists & Tags

  • When applying for membership, please:
  • Make sure your age is clearly posted on your LJ userinfo page OR leave an age statement here.
  • Make sure five fics that you have written are clearly linked in your LJ or user info OR go here and leave a comment with your username and links to your five HP fics.

  • Members are welcome to suggest a writer they'd like to invite to the community.

    Community Rules:
  • No one under 18 allowed--sorry!
  • No fic searches, community promotions, or off-topic posts. Any questions, ask your mods.
  • Do not post stories here. Only discussions of recommended story with a link.
  • No flaming—polite adult discussion only. Mods will not hesitate to delete inappropriate posts/comments.

  • The stories recommended on hpwriterschoice may contain material not suitable for anyone under the age of 18, including descriptions of heterosexual and homosexual sex. If you are not at least 18 or this offends you, please go elsewhere.

    The mods for this community are medawyn and persnickety_pru. Please contact us here with any problems, questions, or concerns. Thank-you.