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Courage on the Homefront

Title: Courage on the Homefront
Responding to Theme: Favourite fics of 2006
Pairing: SS/HP
Length: 1000 words (10 drabbles x 100 words)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Very brief summary: When Harry goes off to fight the brave fight, Snape finds that it takes courage to be left behind too.

This is probably one of the most personal fics I have yet written, the subject matter not only being part of my day-to-day life but also very close to my heart.

Those who have read my fics know I have a special weakness for drabbles. I just can't seem to stop writing them! I also find that some of my very best work comes out in drabble form, and I feel it has here. Somehow the drabble format forces an intensity of feeling, especially effective for snapshot moments in time, that just isn't possible in a longer fic format.

I wanted to dedicate this to serving military members everywhere, but more importantly, to pay tribute to the soldiers who are usually forgotten. The men, women, and children of the families left behind. We often fight a battle just as intense, if not as dangerous, as our spouses who are deployed overseas, and so often we are forgotten, overlooked, or trivialized.

Recently, with the increasing mobilization of forces in Canada, I am forced to face a future where my own husband will likely be sent to the front lines soon, and the cold reality of having to deal with my 2.5 year old son, and 8 month old baby, all on my own. And yet, I dare not complain. I have not yet had to deal with a husband deployed to a war zone yet, although we have been separated for 5-6 months at a time on training courses. So many others have gone through so much worse before me, and they are a true inspiration.

I remarked once that military spouses were the strongest people I could ever hope to know. My mother-in-law raised 3 boys from infancy, only 2 years between them, practically all on her own; while my Father-in-law was often half a world away. I admire her courage, her strength, and the stubborn will to hang on for another day, another week, another month. Now that we in Canada are facing going to war for the first time in almost 50 years, the added stress of being in danger's way only makes things that much harder. And yet, as a military wife I often feel alone and rejected by a system which values their serving members and ignores the families.

I wanted to reach out to military spouses and families everywhere; to pay tribute to the immense strength, courage, and commitment it takes to live this life, and to have a marriage prosper in it. It's not easy.

The ten scenarios I chose for this series of drabbles encompass what I feel are some of the pivotal and key experiences in being a military family. The emotions, the worries, the loneliness, and the stress of worrying about your loved one half a world away. I wanted to reach out to those who live this life everyday, to know that I, for one, respect and admire them. That they are not alone.

In a way, the fact that this is a Snarry is almost inconsequential. I guess this is another reason why I picked this as the best piece I've written thus far. The message was truly more important than the characters - I could rewrite this with totally OC, and it would still stand on its own.

I was truly touched by some of the responses I got; the thank you's from both military members and their families truly humbled me.

I consider this my greatest fic accomplishment to this date, not because it was the plottiest or got the most reviews or even the most recs. I consider it my best work because I poured my heart and soul into this short little series, and the people I wanted to listen, did.

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