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Let's Talk About...Fan Art and Writer Inspiration

Inspired by the opening of the snarry_games art games, this week we're talking about brilliant fan art. Pen and ink drawings, watercolors, oil paintings, cartoons, comic strips, computer generated and computer enhanced pictures, photo manips, and icons, the HP fandom has an abundance of gorgeous fan art. Fanfic illustrations are awesome (we'll talk about them next week,) but I particularly enjoy HP artworks that tell a story of their very own.

(All linked art in the main entry is work-safe)

HP fan artists have done illustrations that far outweigh what JKR and the publishers chose for the books, like gredandfeorge's Mirror of Erised. Other pictures present canon scenes or quotations in a new light, like the_bitter_word's Dance School. (So cool, if you go here, you can watch her drawing/painting the picture!)

Some art perfectly blends fanon and canon, as in acid's Lessons Learned and companion piece A Lesson in Flying, and gnatkip's experiment in pointillism, Sunday Afternoon on the Grounds of Hogwarts School.

Other art works tell the stories that happened before the books, like mneomosyne's Little Snape at Spinner's End. In the cut tag, Mnem has little Snape saying, "Now, do pay attention, Mr. Bear," and the first comment by littleroo27 is " *this scene was shortly followed by Mr. Bear's first detention." Funny, and part of my internal canon now!

HP fan artists do sweet, romantic pieces, like sun_chan's Harry and Ginny, and of course, steamy sexy pics we hope you'll link to in the comments! Pieces range from just a little bit slashy, like mihalis_aya's Ginny/Luna, to very slashy, like gokubean's Snupin. I also love HP seen sideways, with awesome pop culture references, like redscharlach's Art Deco album cover take-off Snape & Trelawney: Rumours. Too much great art, not enough space to cover it all!

Readers, do you have favorite HP fan art to share? Artists, please tell us about your HP fan art! Writers, is there any artwork that has inspired you to tell the story that the artist began?
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